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Frequently Asked Questions

  • What makes Rose Residential Cleaning different?
    Rose Residential Cleaning is a brand new cleaning service located in Tampa, Florida. We reduce the time-consuming hassle of finding cleaners, getting quotes and scheduling walkthroughs by utilizing a unique instant booking feature combined with our flat rates. Scheduling your first cleaning can be as short as 60-seconds with Rose Residential Cleaning!
  • Which plan should I choose?
    Here at Rose, we've created custom plans to suit every one of your cleaning needs. Standard Clean: Our Standard Clean option is a great balance between affordability and pristine cleaning. We clean the essential parts of your home to lighten your everyday workload. Deluxe Clean: The Deluxe Cleaning Plan (which is also synonymous to a Deep Cleaning) is amazing choice for our customers who have gone 30+ days without cleaning . Along with a strict step by step cleaning regimen, we send in our most trustworthy cleaners to scrub and polish your home in less time than our competitors. Premium Clean: Here is the cleaning plan for our clean freaks. The Premium Cleaning Plan is provided by our top hand-picked cleaners to meticulously sanitize your home from top to bottom. This plan includes all of the cleanings from the other plans as well as extra appliances and select areas. The Premium Cleaning plan can also be selected for move in/out cleanings, event cleaning, patio/garage, and professional deep cleans. These customizable plans were created to make it easier for our customers to find and select exactly what they are looking for.
  • How do I book a cleaning?
    In order to schedule online, all you need to do is locate one of the BOOK NOW buttons on our website. Then on the bookings page, provide us with a little information about your home, some details about what you need, who you are, pick a date/time and wait for a confirmation to arrive.
  • What if I want a recurring cleaning?
    To set up a recurring cleaning just select the recurring option on the BOOK NOW page when selecting the details for your household.
  • Can I reschedule/cancel a cleaning?
    Reschedule: Of course! After you book for the first time, an account will be made for you where you can login and modify your bookings at anytime. Cancel: Cancelations are also readily available, however fees may be applied depending on the date and time of the scheduled appointment.
  • What if I am unsatisfied with Rose Residential Cleaning?
    If you are ever unsatisfied with the our cleaning services done, please reach out to through our Contact Us page. Our cleaners are professional and these matters are not to be taken lightly. If you make your request within the first 48H, we will come back and reclean your home FREE of charge.
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